Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taprooms that I enjoy

I wrote an article about brewery taprooms I frequent in Boulder, Colorado. A taproom is where you can taste beer either buy pints, get tasters which or 2 oz or so glass size of beer, and enjoy the ambiance with friends or just fellow (fella) patrons. These taprooms only sell their beer and may have pretzels, peanuts or outside food vendor.

There's Avery Brewery that has a great bar in their taproom as does Left Hand Brewery in Longmont. LHB and Avery have side overflow rooms that they also rent out for parties.

Upslope is a nanobrewery compared to most others breweries in the area. What they lack in space they make up in their great beer. They can 2 types of beers, pale ale and ipa. But they brewed small batch beers, a brown ale, stout and seasonal specialty beers. They brewed a pumpkin beer last fall that was really tasty.

Oskar Blues has a tasting room off their canning and brewery, but they also open a restaurant named Liquids and Solids. Food is okay at best, so don't order anything fancy beside pub fare. They do have a large selection of their own brewed beers plus guest taps( beer from other
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