Saturday, December 18, 2010

New small batch beers at Golden City Brewery

Declaring themselves as the second largest brewery in Golden, Colorado, Golden City Brewery is a nano brewery at best.  We stopped by to take some photos for Larry's android beer app, Colorado Beer Tour, and happened upon some small batch seasonal beers.

Christmas Ale at 7.0% alcohol was a smooth concoction that tasted and looked like a dunkelweisse.  The color was a murky rich dark brown almost a porter in color.  The aroma smelled to my husband as a dunkelweisse but to me it had a malty roasted aroma with a light spice fragrant and taste.  It was very smooth to the palate and a smooth aftertaste.

Wood-fired pumpkin ale at 5.4% alcohol.  A light orange color with a clove or nutmeg spice aroma.  It had a light spiced flavor with a smooth finish.  Woody's Pizza in Golden, baked the pumpkins in a wood fired oven then was added to the mash.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 taster set at the Fort Collins Brewery

The Fort Collins Brewing Co moved into a brand new facility not too long ago, so it wasn't far from the Odell's, just a few hundred yards.

I had the 4 taster set;

Common Ground-light amber color, heavy coffee flavor, and is 5.3% alcohol. Too much coffee for me.

Barrel-aged Double Chocolate Stout, barreled aged in Stranahan barrels, it had a heavy whiskey aroma and flavor, no hint of the double chocolate to me. It is 8.1% alcohol.
Double Chocolate Stout- nice dark color, strong roasted malt flavor. I didn't taste much chocolate though and it is also 8.1%.
The last taster was the Wheat Wine. Light orange color, rich sweet flavor with none of the traditional wheat flavor but I did like this.  It is 9.3% so easy does it on this beer.

Odell Brewing Co

Yesterday on a road trip to the Fort Collin's many beer venues, we stopped at Odell's. It wasn't too crowded for a Saturday since we were able to get a table for 6. I shared a pilot taster tray with Larry and found that my most favorite Odell beer is their bourbon barreled aged stout the best.

Equinox Borealis Winter Ale

We were on a road trip to Fort Collins with some friends yesterday where we started at Choice City Butcher and Deli for breakfast as mentioned in an earlier blog.  Walked downtown in the chilly afternoon to Equinox Brewing from the Cupboard shop.
Equinox has a very nice taproom and was a welcoming from the cold outside.  I started with a taster of the Borealis Winter Ale, a dark, rich beer with a roasted malt aroma that was slightly sweet, lightly spiced with a slight bitter aftertaste.  The Borealis is around 8% alcohol. It was so yummy that I got a pint later.
Another great beer on tap was the Quasar Grand Cru, an light orange color, heavy hop aroma, slightly sweet and with a bitter aftertaste. The Quasar is around 8.3% alcohol.
Both these beers were a good  beer for warming up from the chill.

Breakfast at Choice City Butcher and Deli, Fort Collins

Had the worst breakfast at Choice City yesterday.  I had a simple bacon and eggs, bacon was cold and under cooked, the eggs were over easy not over medium.  Everyone else in our party had a wonderful breakfast.  The SOS was a hit so was the salmon benedicts.
I didn't have a pint there but my husband, Larry, did.  There was a mystery beer on tap and he loved it.  He thinks the mystery beer was Scaldis Noel, he even got it in a pint instead of the usual 10 ounce pour.  Russ wasn't in yesterday so the waitstaff poured all in pints!  Great for us, sorry Russ.
They had the elusive Pliny, the elder on tap, the black IPA from Odell's and some others that Larry doesn't drink.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upslope Brewing Co

The other night we stopped at Upslope Brewing in Boulder and had a few tasters.  They have their flagship beers on tap, Pale Ale, IPA, and Brown Ale but they also had a whiskey barrel aged Pale Ale that was fruity with hints of citrus.  They had their dark strong ale on tap and their Craft Lager which was renamed from the Mexican Lager.
The taproom as seen from the eyes of the bartender.
This photo was taken at their 2nd Anniversary Party last November.
Oh and they going to expand into the next unit sometime before the new year.  Their taproom is very small compared to Avery or Left Hand. It will help increase their business with a larger taproom. Kudos go out to the guys at Upslope for this ambitious move.

West End Tavern in Boulder

My husband, Larry and I went to the West End Tavern for lunch today thinking we would have the Thursday special.  The Thursday special had been catfish sliders, but they changed the menu on us.  So instead he had the clam chowder which was delicious and we shared the french dip sliders.  With our lunch, of course, we had a beer. I had the bourbon barrel aged stout from O'dells and Larry had the state harvest from Sierra Nevada.  It was a very good all around!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tasters at Oskar Blues

Rt. Velvet Elvis, middle Columbian
Supreme, and Lt. Seeyoulator
DoppelbockAdd caption
Oskar Blues Liquid and Solids has some great beer on tap.  You can get a taster set at the restaurant, I have three, Oskar's Velvet Elvis, Oskar's Columbian Supreme, and Boulevard's Seeyoulator doppelbock.
 Velvet Elvis Stout is 6.9% alcohol has a nice sweet aroma with hints of chocolate.  The taste is strong with coffee, dry stout but not over the top.  A very pleasant stout.
Columbian Supreme at 6% alcohol is just that heavy coffee aroma and coffee taste but I is well balanced.
Seeyoulator doppelbock at 8.5% alcohol, is amber in color, strong liquor taste, wouldn't be able drink a pint of this stuff very strong flavor.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kellner's Malt Liquor at Oskar Blues Liquid and Solids

I'm at Oskar Blues in Longmont and they tapped their last keg of Kellner's Malt Liquor last night.  It is a tasty malt liquor with is a weird thing to say since I haven't had a malt liquor in a very long time.  It has a nice orange color, nice head, doesn't have a strong aroma, sweet, and alcoholic flavor but not over the top. A great tribute to a wonderful man who's life was cut short.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dry Dock Brewing Co., Old Bounty spiced ale

Today is Firkin Friday and they have Old Bounty spiced ale and it is special.  I don't drink their old bounty so this Holiday Ale is very Christmasy in taste. Old Bounty spiced ale give Anchor Steams holiday ale a run for it's money.
The aroma is very spicey with cloves and cinnamon, maybe even nutmeg, the taste is more of cloves. Very tasty and in the spirit of the season. HO HO HO!

Avery's Mephistopheles Release Party today

Avery Brewery taproom
Avery Brewing Co., in Boulder, Colorado is having a release party for their stout from the demon series. They will have a three year vertical tasting of the Mephistopheles Friday December 3.  We were lucky to be at the brewery yesterday and got a taster of the Meph.  Strong liqueurish aroma and first taste with a slight chocolate finish, it wasn't something my favorite.  Then Andy Parker, brewer, gave us the taste of the Meph Addict, Mephistopheles with Coffee beans was delicious.  Can't get this at the brewery yet since Andy got the brew from the tank.  It has lots of coffee so the brew had a strong coffee aroma with hint of caramel finish.  Sooo yummy!

Dry Dock Brewing Co., Aurora Colorado

Dry Dock Brewing Co., in Aurora, Colorado

Inside Dry Dock Brewing taproom
Dry Dock Brewing Co., in Aurora Colorado has 5 small batch beers on tap today.  I'm having Walt's (assistant brewer) Frambozen, a brown ale with 130lbs. of raspberries.  It has a slight sour raspberry aroma but it doesn't have that over powering raspberry taste, very subtle.  They also have a Malted Milk Stout which was made with 150lbs of malted milk, is also on tap. It has a vanilla aroma which reminds you of chocolate covered malted "Whoppers", the aroma is familiar but this stout isn't sweet to the palate, finish.

All their flagship beers are all on tap from Breakwater Pale at 5.0% alcohol to their Seven Seas Double IPA at 8.5% alcohol.
Tonight they are having their Firkin Friday with a Holiday Spiced Ale. Firkins are cask ales that refers to the 10.8 gallon keg with isn't carbonated and is served at a warm cellar temperature.

Dry Dock will be bottling in 22oz. the Seven Seas, Hefeweizen, and the vanilla Porter soon, look forward to seeing them in my local liquor store.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lucky Pie Pizzeria in Louisville, Co

The Lucky Pie Pizza has only been open since August of this year but has built a small following.  During the summer this place was having a grand time but since patronage has slowed.
They have 21 taps of local Coloradan beer plus others from California.
Today I had Winter Warlock Oatmeal Stout from Bristol Brewing in Colorado Springs.  A great winter brew.  Made with 100lbs of oatmeal, this beer is smooth, rich, and dark brown almost black.  At 6% alcohol isn't going a really big beer.
My husband had the Mach 10 from Bear Republic Brewing from California.  He didn't care much for this beer but drank it anyways.  Thought Bear Republic's Scot Ale he had at the Beachwood BBQ was more to his palate.
We been to Lucky Pie and had appetizers which were quite good.  I think we need to taste their pizza's next.

Falling Rock Tap House Christmas Beers

Winter Warlock by Bristol Brewing Co.,
Colorado Springs
The Falling Rock Tap House will be having over 20 draft taps of Christmas beers from around the world. Yesterday I got a preview of some really great beers.  I had the 2010 Anchor Steam "Seasonal Ale" that was dark, rich tasting with those great seasonal spices we have come to associate with the holidays.  This is the first time I have ever drank this beer and at $6 a pint not a bad deal.  The Falling Rock also had a very expensive seasonal beer I have ever seen the Scaldis Noel from Belgium, it was $9 for a half pint.  Very rich, light sweetness, and lightly spiced.
The Falling Rock is having a beer pairing dinner with more Christmas beer including a St. Bernardus Christmas Ale that wasn't available yesterday.  I hoping there will be some tomorrow when I'll be at the Rock for more Christmas cheer.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twisted Pine Brewery

Twisted Pine is having brunch at the brewery every Sunday.  Have a beer with breakfast, biscuit, gravy, and eggs with a beer.  Sunday is also the day for NFL football.  Twisted Pine is also in the process of revamping their menu with less store bought foods with more home made foods from scratch. The chef, Michael has to be creative with the kitchen they have.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rueben's Burger Bistro in Boulder

Gouden Carolus Triple.
Draft beers on tap.
Kwak in a foot glass.
Went to Reuben's Burger Bistro in Boulder just the other day and was quite surprised.  Their halfy hour or happy hour was affordable and the food was delicious.  I was impressed with their draft beer on tap, there were a good many that you don't find in most bars.  St. Bernardus, Duchess de Bourgogne, and Kwak, all these are excellent Belgian beers and all were half off.  A $5 pint of Kwak which goes for ten is amazing. I had a Gouden Carolus Triple in 12 ounce bottles was excellent, in fact, I had two bottles.  Rueben's also has an excellent local microbrewed beer on tap, Avery, and O'dell's and Left Hand, Avery, O'dell's, in bottles.
The happy hour menu is just the appetizers but half off.  The fresh-cut french fries were good, the cheeseburger sliders were also good but the most amazing was the mac n' cheese where you can pick two extras items such as bacon and chorizo sausage.  I would highly recommend Rueben's Burger Bistro for happy hour.  I'll be back for lunch and dinner to give a true review.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Twisted Pine Northstar Vertical tasting

Empty glasses to be filled with Northstar Porter.

Chocolate covered bacon and banana.
Last Thursday, Nov 18, Twisted Pine Brewery had their 2nd Northstar Imperial Porter vertical tasting and food pairing.  The event was low keyed and casual.  It took place in the back of the taproom in the brewing area. Three long tables and one round bar table were situated in a horse shoe where in the end of the open area is where Bob, the owner, gave a casual history lesson of Twisted Pine.
The opening beer was their first imperial porter of 2003. It was effervescent, smooth, and sweet. This one was the most different. With the first pour can the appetizer, dark chocolate covered bacon and a chocolate covered banana.  Both went well with this 2003 Northstar.
The next beer also paired well, the 2004, slightly less sweet, dry, and much less carbonated.
The 2006 was paired with a braised beef over potatoes. The 2006 had a sharpness to it with a cherry and chocolate notes.  It had a robust nose.
The 2007 was dry with a slight bitterness at the end.
The 2008 was more bitter and dry.
The next 2009 was paired with the dessert which was a New York style cheesecake with imperial porter chocolate sauce.  The 2009 was malty, nutty, slight bitterness.
The 2010 was dry, cherry chocolate note with the bitterness.
Overall the event was great, a good time for everyone there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twisted Pine Brewery

Twisted Pine Brewery is having a vertical tasting of their imperial porter, Northstar on Thursday, November 18 at 6:30pm.  They have a small kitchen on the premises and will be serving appetizers along with the tasters.  My husband and I will be there.  This is our first beer event at Twisted Pine.

We have gone to the brewery many times to drink at their taproom.  Last Sunday we watched football and drank so good beer plus talked with the head brewer Jeff.  Their  barley wine was on tap and my husband, Larry thought it was wonderful.  I was surprised that they also had a Mr. Brown Pumpkin Ale, though there is no pumpkin in it.  It tasted very pumpkin spiced but when added to their espresso stout in half/half proportions, it was so rich and flavorful.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Left Hand Brewery in Longmont

I usually go to Left Hand at least twice a month on Saturdays to drink beer and visit friends. Last Saturday was our afternoon at Left Hand and it was quite pleasant, not as crowded as usual. The beers were fine with Twin Sisters a double IPA and milk stout on nitro on tap. My husband liked the Twin Sisters and I throughly enjoyed my milk stout. Milk Stout is make with milk sugar instead of cane sugar and it is a creamy sweet stout with chocolate overtones.
There was a two person band playing that night, playing bluegrass and country with only a guitarist and mand0linist. Don't know the name of the duo but they were good and I usually don't care for that style of music.
Only problem was you couldn't converse with the music right there next to you. Left Hand also had a fundraiser going on in the overflow room where bands usually would perform. So they had to make room in the main seating area.

Oskar Blues in Longmont

I was at Oskar Blues Liquid and Solids Restaurant in Longmont, CO., yesterday for lunch. They have a great lineup for draft guest beers besides their own. I had three tasters one of their won brew, nut brown ale, a seasonal beer called Winterhook from Redhook brewery, it was amber in color with a slight hop taste. I also had a taster of late harvest from Bear Republic. It was funny that I would drink those style of beers. All had that amber color and they were similar in tastes to me anyway.
Oskar Blues is having a dinner and beer pairing with Ska Brewing Co in December at Liquid and Solids. It sounds like a good time. My only reservation is the food, sometimes their entrees were less than perfect.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Upslope Brewing Co

Upslope just celebrated their 2nd anniversary last weekend. It was a blast for all. Westend Tavern in Boulder catered the event with an modern twist bbq.
At 2pm the doors opened, the guys at Upslope were still decorating and organizing when we arrived but that was okay. We got a beer each and sat out in the back of the brewery and watch as the festivities unfolded.
There was a keg of whiskey aged pale on draft, pumpkin beer, a strong dark lager, bourbon barreled aged Belgian, and their quad. The beer was fantastic and the day was sunny so all was good. I enjoyed the pumpkin and whiskey barreled aged pale. My husband liked the strong dark lager.
By 4:30pm we were spent but the anniversary party went on without us until 9pm when the stragglers were kicked out.
Upslope is my favorite brewery on the Front Range, I enjoy many of their brews. They make a American brown ale that is yummy with that caramel roasted chocolate taste that is unusual for a brown. Their stout is dark and chocolate tasting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taprooms that I enjoy

I wrote an article about brewery taprooms I frequent in Boulder, Colorado. A taproom is where you can taste beer either buy pints, get tasters which or 2 oz or so glass size of beer, and enjoy the ambiance with friends or just fellow (fella) patrons. These taprooms only sell their beer and may have pretzels, peanuts or outside food vendor.

There's Avery Brewery that has a great bar in their taproom as does Left Hand Brewery in Longmont. LHB and Avery have side overflow rooms that they also rent out for parties.

Upslope is a nanobrewery compared to most others breweries in the area. What they lack in space they make up in their great beer. They can 2 types of beers, pale ale and ipa. But they brewed small batch beers, a brown ale, stout and seasonal specialty beers. They brewed a pumpkin beer last fall that was really tasty.

Oskar Blues has a tasting room off their canning and brewery, but they also open a restaurant named Liquids and Solids. Food is okay at best, so don't order anything fancy beside pub fare. They do have a large selection of their own brewed beers plus guest taps( beer from other
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