Saturday, August 17, 2013

Renegade Brewing in Denver

Renegade Brewing has been open for 2 years and they have improved on their beers considerably since last we visited.
Nicole, Sarah, and Emily were very knowledgable about the beer and were really friendly to talk to about beer.
They have 8 beers on tap from a session ale, a poblano amber, a wheat whine that has a black pepper (chili head) with that wheat wine flavor. The Hammer & Sickle-Russian Imperial Stout is very flavorful, rich with a chocolate aroma.
The Pail Rider is milk pale ale that is quite good and smooth.
Sarah, Emily, and Nicole
Taster set of Renegade's lineup
Dark Passenger is the Belgian Dark Strong Ale is sweet, slightly sour and rich in flavor.
Renegade's head brewer is Ali Benetka who up until 2 months ago was the assistant brewer. More women are needed as brewers in a male industry!

Trve Brewing, Denver

We checked out another brewery for the Colorado Beer Tour, Trve. Trve is the metal of breweries, dark with dark gray walls, large canvas pictures of wood cabins done in what looks like charcoal hung on the wall, art of Hoax, Hokem, and Spooks by Tod Kapke, all the while heavy metal music playing on the p.a. system. My kind of place!

They had only 6 beers on tap and most were low alcohol. Most were good but the Prehistoric Dog was very different. It's a salted wheat beer with Hawaiian black lava salt and coriander. If you like salted caramel or chocolate, this beer might be for you.
Larry like the IPA so much, he bought a pint!

Hoax Hokem & Spook Art
by Tod Kapke

Nick Nunns, owner/head brewer

Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew

We're updating our Colorado Beer Tour app and decide to visit Our Mutual Friend malt & brew. They have been open for only 8 months and for some reason slipped through our brewery radar.
There were 7 beers on tap which range from a session beer that's 4.3% ABV to a 7% ABV IPA to the malt end of their beers, a brown ale, dry coffee stout, and a nitro Novo coffee brown ale. Yes, a coffee brown, we're used to it being a stout. I liked the nitro coffee brown and the session ale.
For the nostalgia buffs, the spin LP's on a turntable! Really cool.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tap n Handle Tap House in Ft. Collins

Tap n Handle is a tap house and restaurant in Ft. Collins. It's been open for a year and a half and is doing a good business in a city with many breweries and bars. They are located close to what should be a competitor, Choice City Butcher that has over draft 30 but these two are complementary in what beers they have on tap.
Today I'm drinking Sam Adams Chocolate Bock, it's very yummy with a strong chocolate flavor and aroma, that's not too sweet. It's 5.80% ABV but this beer gets too much in the chocolate syrup flavor to drink as a session beer

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

National IPA Day 2013

Happy hoppy day for that's what draws most to IPA's are the hops. Today is National IPA Day while this isn't my day, I'm a Stout Month person but I know so many who love IPA's.

The IPA was first brewed in England for export to India but now it's anAmerican favorite. If you go to England and order an IPA don't be too surprised if it doesn't taste like the IPA you're used to drinking. American IPA is more hop forward and in some cases, hopped stupid.

Here in the Boulder area are many places that are celebrating the IPA.
Upslope Brewing will have their IPA, Imperial IPA, Rye IPA, and Thai IPA.. They will have 5 of the Imperial IPA single hopped with different hops, Cascade hops, Columbus hops, Summit hops, Galaxy hops, and Simcoe hops. News flash! Upslope is cracking open their Cabernet IPA aged in oak barrels!
Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse will have 50 taps of IPA's.  Anthony, the head chef at Backcountry is probably gearing up today's specials just to complement the IPA.

West End Tavern has been celebrating IPA all month long with their Jul-IPA. 20 taps have been replaced with a rotating list of IPA's. Tonight is also a IPA beer dinner at the restaurant.

Or just visit your favorite brewery, taphouse, or brewpub and enjoy National IPA Day!
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