Saturday, April 9, 2016

Local Fox News interviews Barley's Angels at Former Future Brewing

The local Fox News/ Channel 2News interviewed Deborah Cameron founder of the Colorado chapter  of Barley's Angels with three of us who participate in events along with the co-founder of Former Future, Sarah Howat in the taproom. We all sat in a relaxed sitting around a table discussing Craft Beer. Fox News is taping this for the National Craft Beer week in May, it's about women and craft beer.

I have never been at one of these sessions before and it was an experience. The camera lady who I can't remember her name, directed us on what to do then Heather Mills, reporter for Channel 2News, put us at ease with her light manner and conversationally asking questions to all of us.

Heather and Sarah discussing the interview.
It was decided that we should all have a glass of beer and chat like friends hanging out at the taproom. Former Future's brewer/owner, James Howat was doing some construction in the keg cooler room behind the taps so we weren't able to have any of their beers but Sarah was gracious and opened a few bottles from their stash.

Sarah Howat rinsing the glasses. Beers from their stash.

Now mind you, this was 9:30 in the morning so to some this would seem a tad bit early. As the old saying goes, "I took one for the team!"  I had a glass of Silly Cybies from Crooked Stave, a 9.0% ABV Belgian Dark Ale aged in oak barrels with raspberries. It was a nice dark tart ale with fruit flavor.  Sarah Howat later cracked open one of their Black Project spontaneous and wild ale, Supercruise. It was spontaneously fermented with wild yeast on the roof of their brewery!
Elizabeth, Kirsten, Heather, me, Sarah, and Deborah.

Sarah pouring Supercruise for the camera.