Thursday, February 28, 2013

11th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest hosted by Avery Brewing Co

This weekend is the 11th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest that is hosted by Avery Brewing Co. The fest is Friday March 1 from 5 - 10pm and Saturday March 2 from noon - 5 pm. The Strong Ale Fest has one criteria for all the beers, they have to be over 8% ABV.
The fest is located at the Avery Brewery with the over 70 beers being poured in the taproom, barrel aging room, and outside the back of the building under tents. It is a really good venue to taste beers from all over the country, like Dogfish Head, Cambridge Brewing, Cigar City from the east coast, Ballast Brewing, Stone Brewing, Alpine Brewing from the west coast and of course, local breweries from Colorado.
I will be blogging from the fest with updates on the fantastic brews I find worthy to write about. I will also try to maintain my composure and not drink too fast or too much.

Larry Smith, Andy Parker (Avery Brewer), and Mitch Smith
from 2012 Strong Ale Fest

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