Thursday, May 23, 2013

J Wells Brewing Co in Boulder

 We found a new brewery with great beer that  I'm excited to write an article.   J. Wells is a nano-brewery that produces beer on a 1.5 barrel system.

Jamie Wells is owner/brewer/bartender, a man of many hats. His production is brewed in 3 large 55-gallon stainless steel drums where each drum sits on a gas burner. He is quite humble when asked what his aspirations of the brewery will be in the future. Jamie likes the small brewery concept and see no need to expand. I, on the other hand know that ones the brewery becomes popular and beer starts to run out, the brewery usually starts thinking about expanding production.

When we dropped by last weekend, Jamie had 6 beers on tap, Jamie's Pale Ale, Gitana Brown Ale, Jamie's Best ESB, Milk Stout, and two special brews.  The tap system comes out of 5 gallon kegs in a large kegerator which looked like a freezer.
1.5 Barrel System

Jamie enlists two volunteers, Cory who helps in brewing and Kahlil Peckham who tends the taproom.  The taproom has a small bar with tables and on nice sunny days, the garage door opens up into a patio.

J Wells Brewing is located in Boulder off of Pearl St. It is situated in a industrial park behind a car dealership.

Jamie Wells

J Wells Brewing Co
2516 49th St.
Boulder, CO
(303) 261-5046

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