Wednesday, March 12, 2014

News Release from Bootstrap Brewing Co

Bootstrap Brewing released news that they are expanding their production with the help of Sanitas Brewing Co. 

Bootstrap Brewing in Niwot has had a difficult time keeping up with demand so they are contracting with an alternative proprietorship of brewing space from Sanitas Brewing in Boulder. Sanitas Brewing has a much larger brewhouse then Bootstrap's. Steve Kaczeus, owner and head brewer of Bootstrap Brewing said in a press release, "This agreement essentially allows us to rent time on Sanitas Brewing Co. equipment, which is larger then ours and will allow us the ability to both brew and package a lot of Bootstraap beer than we currently are at our Niwot facility." 

Sanitas Brewing Co, has a WIld Goose canning line with the agreement allows Bootstrap to use the equipment to can their beers.  Though it maybe months away til Bootstrap is able to can their number one beer, The Insane Rush IPA. 

This is effective immediately but for those of you worried about Sanitas Brewing, this will not hinder the brewing of their beers.

Both breweries are relative new. Bootstrap Brewing Co being just under 2 years old and is owned by headbrewer, Steve Kaczeus and Leslie Kaczeus. Sanitas Brewing Co is just a year old and owned by Chris Coyne, Michael Memsic, both brewedd at Boulder Brewing Co and Zach Nichols. 

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