Monday, May 19, 2014

Post Brewing- Chicken and Beer Dinner

Last week Post Brewing had a beer dinner organized by Barley's Angels Colorado.  This event was mix gender so I brought my husband, Larry.  Post Brewing is located in downtown Lafayette and has become a very popular place with the locals.  Along with being a brewery, Post Brewing is a restaurant that specializes in chicken, cooked in many ways and comfort foods.

The night started with checking-in with Deborah Cameron, who is the founder of the Barley's Angels Colorado .   Scheduled as a added activity was a brewery tour with Brew Master, Brian Selders. Cyn Goodman, of the Colorado Beer Trail was there video tapping the event.

We were given 2 beer tickets that were included with the dinner. While we waited, beer sounded really good so as it turned out if you were going on the tour there was a complimentary 5 ounce pour of any beer they had for the event.  The "bar" was a table that had a jockey box on top with three taps; Ol' Zippy, a Premium American Ale that is 4.5% ABV,  Meathooks, Dark Mild Ale at 4.1% ABV, and a collaboration with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, Bulky Oxen is a session Barley Wine that is 7.7% ABV.

Meathooks, Dark Mild Ale.

Bulky Oxen, a session Barley Wine.

Brew Master, Brian Selders.
The brewery tour was with the Brew Master, Brian Selders. Brian designed the brew house to be very efficient with quality control.  As we know, that is a major issue with small breweries, inconsistency from batch to batch of beer.  The brew house was very clean and very technological. The start of the tour was the grain room then to the main brewing area.  All was clean and shiny, so he probably wasn't brewing that day.  The brew house was very impressive for such a small brewery. Brian brews on a 15 barrel system with 75% of the finish product going into kegs.  He supplies beers for the other restaurants owned by Big Red F.

After the tours were done, Deborah spoke about the upcoming events of Barley's Angels Colorado and Brian Selders spoke about his philosophy of brewing beer for Post.  He brews for the food like what compliments the menu at the restaurant. None of his beers will be big. I know it is disappointed especially with his long employment at Dogfish Head as one of the brewers. But you have to give him credit that he wants the customer to enjoy the beer with any of the dishes on the menu.

First course was a side salad and rosemary cheddar biscuit paired with one of the two beer tickets. I had the dark mild ale that went well with the salad.

The next course was rotisserie chicken with brown gravy, fried chicken with country gravy, and green chili mac & cheese topped with bread crumbs, all was served family style. I had the rotisserie chicken with the brown gravy and chili mac & cheese, I thought the biscuit would have been good with this course as well.

We met some nice people from Denver and Thornton, who we chatted with before and during dinner. Thanks to Deborah Cameron for this event, I really enjoyed the evening. Thanks to Post Brewing for provided the dinner and beer.

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