Monday, June 23, 2014

Upslope Brewing Collaboration Beers on tap at Taprooms

Sunday was a rainy day with a slight wind so instead of gardening we went out for a drive. We stopped off at Lucky market in north Boulder and got a sandwich then drove a few miles to Upslope Brewing. we had to wait a few minutes in our car before they opened at 2pm.

Lindsay was our beertender that day. She told us about what was new on tap and they had a few gems to boot. The first beer I had was a 5 ounce pour of the Sour Mash a collaboration between the brewery and Barrel and Bottles, a brewpub from Golden Co. The beer was soured by fermenting the grain and is only 4.5% ABV. It's very light and refreshing with a slight sour front end. It's an easy summer drink.

Sour mash ale with a club sandwich.

The second beer was a Blonde Ale also a collaboration with Toccalmatto Brewing in Italy. They were here for the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver and contacted the Brewers Association for a brewery that might like to collaborate with them. The result was a nice light basic Belgian Blonde Ale that is a good summer beer.

Belgian Blonde Ale.

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