Thursday, July 3, 2014

300 Suns Brewing in Longmont: Nuts, Cheese and Beer Pairing.

Thursday June 25, was a trip to Longmont for a beer, cheese, and nut pairing at 300 Suns Brewing.  300 Suns Brewing hosted this beer food pairing for Barley's Angels Colorado with The Cheese Importers, and Olomomo Nut Co.

The brewery is on a 7-barrel system and with their extensive beer lineup brews once a week. 

They have a cooler where they store kegs and they have 4 tanks that have a direct line to the taps in the taproom.  

The brewery had a section of the taproom partitioned off for us so the event felt more intimate. There were two tables with place settings already made up including the cheeses and nuts pairing and a half pour of the first beer,  Blue Corn Maiden.

The first pairing on the plate was with the Blue Corn Maiden, a cream ale that is quite sessionable at 4.8% ABV. This golden colored ale was pink for awhile after it was brewed, to the delight of Jean Ditslear who is one of the owners of the brewery. This light tasting golden beer was paired with Paladine Butterkase which is a semi-soft cheese with a golden natural rind. This Wisconsin cheese is made with cow’s milk. The creamy texture and buttery taste paired well with the Blue Corn Maiden cream ale.  The nuts also went well with the beer, Cherry Vanilla Bean and Chai Bliss almonds. As a rule, nuts and beer are a good pairing.

Second course was with the Hop & Sol IPA, a 7.8% ABV lightly hopped ale with a grapefruit aroma.  This IPA was paired with Prima Donna Maturo (red label) which had been aged for 18 months. It is also made with cow’s milk and paired well with the Hop & Sol IPA.  The pleasantly sharp taste of the cheese was cut by the hoppiness of the beer. The nuts also paired well, Vim Vinegar & Sea Salted and Righteous Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds.

The last pairing was with two dark beers, Sunglasses at Night American Black Ale, 6.2% ABV and a small taster of Old Burlington Stout, 5.3% ABV.  The Black Ale was hoppy with a very malty sweet flavor and the Old Burlington Stout was very malty with a coffee and chocolate flavors that was well balanced. These dark beers were paired with a Roth Buttermilk Blue cheese. The blue cheese is made with raw milk that creates a creamy taste and texture. I don’t like blue cheese so my opinion will be slightly biased, it did change the flavor of the stout.   The small piece of blue cheese that I could ate went well with the Sunglasses at Night American Black Ale. The nuts paired very well, Mango Chipotle Zinger Almonds and Cosmic Maple Masala Pecans. The almonds had a strong back heat while the heat of the pecans were more subtle.   

300 Suns Brewery has a solid beer lineup and they did a great job in selecting their beers for this event. The Cheese Importers in Longmont and Olomomo Nut Co from Boulder are also commended for the selection of their products that would pair well with the beers. Last but not least, Deborah Cameron founder of Barley’s Angels Colorado, organized another great event.

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