Monday, February 9, 2015

Diebolt Brewing and Savory Spice Shop Education: What spices means to beer.

Barley's Angels has done it again with a new interesting idea to introduce women to beer. January 28, a Wednesday night was at Diebolt Brewing in Denver with Stephanie Bullen from Savory Spice Shop.
Diebolt Brewing Taproom.

Dan Diebolt, founder of Diebolt Brewing was on hand to introduce the beers with a little synapses of the character profiles.
Dan Diebolt

Deborah Cameron,was there representing Barley's Angels in Colorado.  She gave an overview of what's in store for Barley's Angels in 2015 then handed the floor to Stephanie Bullen.

Stephanie Bullen was there to educate us about spices. She works for a local business, Savory Spice Shop. Stephanie brought some of her favorite spices and on each table was a sample plate for she encourage us to smell and taste each spice.  We also got a free sample to take home of the spices she was presenting, I got the baker's brew coffee spice. As she explained the spices I tasted some of them which is a good way to learn about spices.
Stephanie Bullen

This wasn't a beer pairing dinner, more a beer and spice education but we each had a large soft pretzel that we munched on during the beer courses.

First beer was the Saison Viola, a 6.1% ABV traditonal style Saison which I believe brewed with champagne yeast. I liked the flavor of this beer and the fizzy carbonation of a champagne.

Anton Francois French Ale was the second taster. Light with fruity aroma, this was another one I liked.

The third taster was the Figgy Blackfoot, Ex:Pat Algerian biere de garde, is a 7.0% ABV reddish ale with fig concentrate and Algerian allpice and curry. I really liked the flavors of this beer.

Brown Ale was the last taster and it is brewed in the American style. It was my least favorite of the four.

Dan Diebolt fielded questions from the audience and then gave us a brewery tour. Diebolt brews on a 15-barrel system with a few oaked barrels aging with their fine beers.

I was very impressed with their beers and will be going there again.

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