Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Taste Travel Vacations is offering a Belgium Beer Tour this summer. It will be July 26 - Aug 1 2015, starting in Brussels, the highlight of that day will be going to Cantillon Brewery for a tour and tasting of their wonderful beers. Then a conversation with Jean Hummler of Moeder Lambic. It will be a world wind vacation, 7 days in 7 cities in Belgium but it will be worth it. Belgium is a small country that travel within doesn't take too much time on the road, for instance it's only two hours travel from Brussels to Bouillon. 

The cities that are in the itinerary are; Bouillon, Dinant, Ghent, Mechelan, Watou, and Brugges. Each of these cities has famous breweries and tap houses that will astound your beer taste buds. The tour includes 10 breweries and two museums with enough time for you to go off and explore.

The Belgium Beer Tour is $3,300 which includes accommodations, transportation within Belguim, and breakfast and dinner. You will get to experience the cuisines of these cities along with locally made cheeses and chocolates at Laurent Gerbaud. 

There is also different options in addition, such as public or private tours that are either classic or deluxe. For private tours, you can book it with friends, colleagues, and the like on any day with availability of accommodations. Public tours are all classic. 

All you need is to book the flight, bring extra for personal expenses, gratuity of tour guides, and unfortunately transportation to and from destination.

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