Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 2 of GABF week, 2015

Monday at Backcountry Pizza was an IPA event with Melvin Brewing, Comrade Brewing, and Cannonball Creek Brewing. 

The lineup was fantastic!

Melvin 2x4 and Comrade Hop Chop.

1. Melvin 2x4                                       
2. Melvin Fresh Hop 2x4
3.Melvin The New Sheriff
4. Melvin Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb
5. Melvin Donkey Punch
6. Comrade Superpower
7. Comrade Superdamp
8. Comrade Honeyman VII
9. Comrade Hop Chops
10.Cannonball Creek Not Mind Bender
11. Cannonball Creek Project Alpha 4
12. Cannonball Creek Black 28
13. Cannonball Creek Mocha Porter
14. Fresh Hop Featherweight Pale Ale
Also- Classic Kung Fu Movies on the TVs, Wu Tang on the stereo. this is tradition when Melvin Brewing is featured at Backcountry Pizza.
(list from Backcountry Pizza Facebook page) 

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