Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sneak Peak at the new Crazy Mountain Brewery in Denver with the Barley's Angels

Barley's Angels in between the fermenters.

Barley’s Angels had a great opportunity to host an event at the new Crazy Mountain Brewing facility in Denver. As some of you know, Breckenridge Brewing handed over their old brewery to Crazy Mountain as a turnkey.  I had no idea how big Breckenridge Brewing was nor how much they brewed until we went on the tour. It is huge!  The brewery has brewed 60 batches of beer so it's up and running. The taproom will be opening in the middle of November. The taproom hadn’t been updated but I imagine that it will be soon. Th
Before the event.

Roomful of Barley's Angels!

The labels with artistic design
for all their bottles.

Karl Allis, Brewery Sales Representative and Sinead McGuire, Denver Marketing Coordinator, were on hand to pour beers and answer questions. Both were knowledgeable on Crazy Mountain beers as well as in beers in general. John Allshouse, head brewer at Crazy Mountain was also there to give us the tour of the brewhouse. Deborah Cameron, founder of the Colorado sect of Barley’s Angels was there to provide check-ins, welcome everyone, spoke about the organization to newcomers and future events, and she brought some food to pair with the beers. Etai's Catering also provide some of the food for this event.

Sinead McGuire and Karl Allis,
John Almshouse and Deborah Cameron.

The beers were very good and it was virtually an open bar! It was a weekday so I'm sure none of the ladies went over board on the beer. The cheese and crackers were nice to have to soak up all that beer.

Lawyers, Guns and Money Barleywine.
in a pint glass!

Brewery Tour:

grain miller.

John standing in front of keg washer.
The warehouse.

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