Saturday, January 8, 2011

Upslope has limited release

Went to Upslope Brewing in Boulder last night because they have two limited release beers on tap. Upslope has had these two beers on tap before, at their 2nd Anniversary Party.  They are known for stashing beers then have these limited release.

Oak Stout and the Belgian Style Quad
Oak Stout at 7% alcohol beer was aged in whiskey barrels for two months.  It is dark, with a caramel head with a roasted malted chocolate aroma and it tastes of chocolates with a hint of the whiskey flavor. It is so yummy :)

If you were at the anniversary party you might have tasted their Belgian Style Quad.  It is on tap now but I'm not sure how much longer though.  This Belgian style strong ale is 14% alcohol but doesn't have that alcohol taste. My husband said it has a coconut aftertaste. Fermented in Kentucky bourbon barrel and Cabernet barrel then blended together and aged in stainless steel for 11 months. The Quad has a crisp aroma and a pleasant flavor to me.

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