Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great beers to drink from out of state.

We have a friend, Max who is an avid beer collector.  He has beers from Michigan, California, and Belgium.  Last night we were treated to some really good beers from Michigan, Kuhnhenn Brewery, Founders, and Bells.  The Kuhnhenn beer, a brown cherry sour, we had before and is overall my favorite of the night. The sour cherry is well balanced and we call it the New Glarus Red's big brother.  If you ever had the New Glarus Red, you know what a sweet tart taste that beer has so the Kuhnhenn beer has a bigger flavor but not as sweet.  I recommend going to Kuhnhenn Brewery if visiting Michigan.
Having a beer collector as a friend really pays especially if he likes to share.  Max really extends our knowledge of the beers from out of state.

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