Thursday, April 7, 2011

Avery Brewing, Sour Ale Fest tickets sold out!

Yesterday I get an email from an employee at Avery, Holly who tells us the Sour Ale Fest tickets were sold out online and there wasn't many left at the taproom.  So Larry and I scurry over to the Avery taproom and find out there was only around 10 tickets left.  Around that time a friend, Mitch Smith, text us about the tickets almost selling out and to notify another friend, Max Wolsky about the situation.
So we buy 2 tickets, have lunch then I remember about Max, text him and he text back in astonishment that the tickets were almost sold out. He ask it a ticket can be saved for him cause he's on his way to the taproom. In short, he made it and was able to buy 1 ticket.

The Sour Ale Fest tickets sold out online in 19 minutes! I didn't think that many people drank sour ales. Over three hundred tickets were sold online and over 80 tickets at the taproom.  We were told that there was a line waiting for the taproom to open yesterday.

The old adage of You Snooze, You Lose, is so true, especially with a limited amount of tickets.

I'm want to thank Holly for emailing us, because we were like Max thinking we could buy the tickets anytime during the day.

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  1. 19 minutes isn't snoozing. It's blinking.