Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mayor of Old Town

Last week Larry and I were in Fort Collins for lunch.  We stopped at the new tap house in town, The Mayor of Old Town.  They have 100 beers on tap.  We were skeptical of the beer line up, how many were crap on tap? We were astonished and overjoyed that most, at least 95% were quality beers but that doesn't mean you can't order lower end beers like PBR, Budweiser, and Stella Artois. 
Michelle Peth, taproom manager at Mayor
The taproom manager is Michelle Peth, who we have met many times at other beer venues.  She has been the major force in getting for the Mayor's tap selection and helping architect the bar area which was very spiffy.  The restaurant/bar is modern with a curvy bar that seats a good twenty patrons, there are many tables also and behind the bar they on  video board.  I liked the feel of the place very much and the beers on tap are quite good.
I had the New Belgium's Kick a new ale from the Lips of Faith series, which was a collaboration between Kim Jordan from New Belgium and Dick Cantwell from Elysian Brewing. It is a slightly sour ale made with cranberry and pumpkin. It is 8.5% alcohol but doesn't taste that big. Larry went with an old favorite, Dead Guy Ale from Rogue. 
The Red Table Cafe has it's second location at the Mayor but I can't recommend the food since we didn't eat there, maybe next time.
Glycol system.

100 kegs in one storage unit.
 I definitely would recommend the Mayor to anyone who loves drinking quality micro crafted beers.

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