Monday, August 15, 2011

Wilbur's Wines, Spirits, and Liquor Store in Fort Collins

Don't be put off by the name of this liquor store, they do carry a great variety of beers from all over.  Their website doesn't do them justice either.  There is a cooler unit that houses cold beers from all over Colorado and the other parts of the US. You have your pick of cold six-packs and bombers. There is also a wide variety of bombers and 12-ounce beers on the aisle.  I was very impressed and we went over board with purchasing more then we should have but you can't help it with such a great selection.

We bought a bomber of Black Butte XXIII anniversary porter that is 11% alcohol and is very tasty.  I had a 10-ounce pour at Freshcraft tap house in Denver.
Full Sail's Black Gold Bourbon Imperial Stout is another bomber we had to buy, it's 11% alcohol and was barrel-aged in bourbon barrels for a full year, can't wait to try this one.
We also bought a new release from Stone Brewing, a cherry chocolate stout that was a winner of Stone's March Madness Homebrew Competition.  The winning recipe was submitted by a homebrewing duo, Jason Fields and Kevin Sheppard, an additional brewer was added to the collaboration, John Trogner, who is headbrewer at Pennsylvania's Troeg's Brewery. 
La Trappes has oak aged quad that looks interesting. Larry is going to share this Belgium rarity with Mix and Match, Mitch Smith and Max Wolsky. It is 10% alcohol and received an A from Beer Advocate!
When you ever visit Fort Collins drop on by at Wilbur's for some outstanding selection of beers!

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