Monday, May 7, 2012

Father's Office in Santa Monica

Father's Office was highly recommended by a friend so we decided to stop on by while we were in Santa Monica. Well, I almost walked out on two reasons, 1. There's a sign stating it's a 21 & up establishment and they have a guy sitting inside the door checking ID's, which I thought was weird since they serve food. 2. The bouncer wouldn't let me take a photo of the inside of the bar.  When I told him I have a beer blog, he replied was that is why they don't allow photos, whatever!

The bartender was nice and said if it was up to him, he would have allowed me to take a pic but the rules can only be broken by the owners or taproom managers who weren't there.So I can only guess why the rules against photo taking, do they want a cut if I'm selling the pic or are they liable for pic taken of customers? If any of you been there or know the guys who own the tap house, tell me what's the deal.

Their draft beer selection was good for only having 20+ taps and most were from California breweries which we liked.

The taproom waitstaff was somewhat knowledgeable about the beers that where on tap and they were very friendly. The place was well lit and there was plenty of room at the bar. It is small so probably gets really crowded in the afternoon and into the evening.  The hamburger is rated as the best in Santa Monica but you can only get it one way. 

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