Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avery Brewing Samael's Release Party and Vertical Tasting paired with desserts

Thursday April 26 was the Samael's release party at the Avery Brewing's barrel aged cellar.  The lights were low with twinkling of white Christmas lights and it was an intimate setting with 30 people attending this event. They had three years to vertically taste, 2009, 2010, and the recent 2012, each was paired with a dessert that was prepared by Bob Sargent of Savory Cuisines.
Samael's is an oaked aged English strong ale that is a whopping 14.5% ABV.

2009 was fantastic, I usually shy away from this very big beer with it's strong flavors but this year was my favorite in the vertical tasting. The strong ale had a sweet, smoked aroma but was still hot, had that alcohol taste but it balanced well with the overall flavor.  This big boy was 16.45% ABV and probably would hold up for a couple more years, I'd like to be able to taste this next year.

2009 was paired with a caramel flan. It was so delicious and it paired well with the Samael's.

2010 also had that sweet aroma but there was also an alcohol tinge to it. The first taste had nutty tones but still very hot. It was drinkable and I liked it but not as I did the 2009.  This year comes in under the 2009 with being 15.2% ABV.

2010 was paired with a chocolate mousse. The mousse was sprinkled with fine dried chili flakes/sugar on top and some folded into the chocolate.  It was very good except mine had a little more chili's in it, seemed to get hotter as I ate it.

2012 the new release was strong for me with that alcohol taste and aroma. Phil Vaughn, taproom manager said there was a pineapple characteristic to the flavor but I didn't taste that at all. This Samael's is the least alcholic in the series at 14.5% ABV.

The tasting cost $20 and was fully worth it with the beers paired with wonderful desserts. I met up with two friends, Max Wolski and Mitch Smith who are Avery Brewing's longtime customers.  We had a great time listening to Phil and Rachael Burrel, who coordinated the event that night.  

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