Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black Shirt Brewing Co

It's been a long stretch for these three, Chad, Carissa, and Branden Miller who started the Red Project over 2 years ago but conception started in 1999.

When I first meet them, they were living in a house in Centennial, Colorado and brewing in their basement. The red ale recipe was in its 8 incarnation and it was an 8% alcohol wonder, not many breweries have a red ale so this was special.

The Miller's have a philosophy of pure intent of person and product. They alone with just help from friends are building Black Shirt Brewing Co from ground up. They should have referred to old blues eyes for doing it their way but Johnny Cash is their silent mentor with keeping it simple.

Today Black Shirt Brewing is not a dream but a reality for these three fine people who through it all remind tight net as ever. Chad and Branden are brothers and Carissa is now wife to Chad plus recently had a baby boy. All the set backs did not discourage them but put resolve to finish the Red Project.

Located in the RiLo Art District in Denver, take Walnut east from downtown and park in the liquor store lot. Rough exterior painted building with a red door is Black Shirt Brewing. The garage front door might be open so passers by can look into the taproom interior which is as eclectic as the Millers with walls a gunmetal grey, rough table tops on metal frames, a painting of Johnny Cash on the wall and a nice bar to sit and chat with Branden or Chad who are pouring reds.

Last weekend was the soft opening of Black Shirt Brewing with friends and family along with people of the street straying in out of curiosity. The night was a success with the pouring of four ales, all derived from the base Red Ale. Red Ale, Red Pale, Red Saison, and Imperial Red Rye IPA were all a hit with us wanting more. Carissa did table service and we could tell was a little frazzled but time should smooth all edges.

Carissa speculated that sometime in October will be the grand opening for the brewery but until then they will host small parties on Saturdays leading up to grand opening. Like them on Facebook for updates on opening day.

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