Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black Shirt Brewing Co

Saturday was a backyard party at Black Shirt Brewing in the RiNo district in Denver. Party started at 5 pm in the back area of the brewery. The tables from the taproom were placed outside for this event and the Mestizos Food Truck was there providing munchies throughout the evening.

This night they wet hopped their red ale in two version batches; one with Centennial hops and another with Willamette hops. the hops were from Voss Farm Colorado. It was an even draw on which one tasted better, I liked the Willamette red while Larry preferred the Centennial red ale. The Willamette hops were more subtle and smooth while the Centennial hopped ale had a strong hop aroma with a bitter aftertaste.

As the night progressed, more patrons dropped by, some who know about the party in advance and some who were passersby curious about the brewery. With GABF just a week away, I hope Chad, Carissa, and Branden are ready for the flood of curious beer folks at Black Shirt Brewing.

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