Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gravity Brewing in Louisville, CO

From right to left;
Schwag-Cream Ale that is 5.0%ABV.
Steve-Weizenbock that is a rich, bock-like German wheat with bready malt flavors with hint of pear at 7.3%ABV.
Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout that is aged in oak and rich flavors at 11%ABV.

Gravity Brewing is the brainchild of Julius Hummer and John Frazee. Today we met Julius who is the Master Brewer with many years experience in the craft beer industry. His father is the founder of Boulder Brewing. He was very pleasant to talk to and this time around we could actually say to him that we enjoyed drinking his beer. Our first experience was when Gravity Brewing first opened around 6 months ago wasn't ideal but we are glad things have changed.
Julius Hummer

My favorite brew was the Weizenbock and the Imperial Stout. I braved the 11%ABV and ordered the 9 ounce pour, I wasn't disappointed but it did kick my butt.

With Gravity Brewing a mile away from my house this could become our local hangout.

Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout

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