Monday, April 22, 2013

Upslope Brewing's new brewery and tap room

Upslope Brewing has expanded again, this time in a whole new building in eastern Boulder. I have been a patron at Upslope since they were a wee 6 months old and it warms our hearts to see them grow.

Thursday, April 18 they had their soft opening for favorite patrons and for those in the craft beer industry. All beers were on the house and for the first 100, free sandwiches from the food truck, Cheese Louise. The opening started at 4pm with them still putting the taproom right and I'm not sure how long it lasted since we left early.

The facility is very large that Upslope can grow even more from within. The taproom consist of two rooms, the main room and an over flow room that can be used as a meeting room because of the sliding glass door that separates the room from the taproom. The bar is a horseshoe shape that can sit 20 people comfortably. The most impressive item in the taproom is the beer taps, made of a chrome like material that floats as if by magic in the middle of the bar. The beers comes directly from the holding tanks and probably kegs. Segments are cut out to show the tubing from which the beer flows through. It is difficult for me to explain but you can see from the photos what I mean.

The beer taps.
In the the back is the brew house and the canning area then separated by an alley is there storage area where they store brewing supplies and the empty cans. They used to store there empty cans at Roundhouse Distillery.

On tap was the Pale Ale, Dunkleweisse, Double IPA, the Brown Ale, Foreign Stout, a Thai IPA, and the Craft Lager in cans.

Brewing tanks
The soft opening was to tweak any problems with the equipment and give the staff time to iron out serving issues. The beer sometimes flowed foamy and the staff were adding beer to the taps as the night wear on.

Canning line.
The lab for quality control.

There were many people helping Upslope iron out the kinks, Steve and Leslie Kaczeus owners of Bootstrap Brewing, Kyle from Crooked Stave and Phil Vaughn taproom manager at Avery Brewing, and Vanessa who is bartender at Backcountry Pizza in Boulder. Then there were the lucky patrons who were invited such as Larry and I, Mitch Smith, Kim, and the parents of one of the Upslope staff who traveled from Boston, plus many more.

Upslope Brewing's grand opening is on Wednesday, April 24 at 11am. Show your support in the local craft beer by heading to Upslope's new venue.

Sandwich from Cheese Louise,
food truck.

Larry and I posing with a can
of Craft Lager.

Upslope Brewing
1898 Flatiron Court

Kyle Krebsbach from Crooked Stave.

Tony Conrad, Phil Vaughn, and Chris Krauss
were on hand to help celebrate.


Larry with Leslie and Steve Kaczeus.

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