Saturday, August 17, 2013

Renegade Brewing in Denver

Renegade Brewing has been open for 2 years and they have improved on their beers considerably since last we visited.
Nicole, Sarah, and Emily were very knowledgable about the beer and were really friendly to talk to about beer.
They have 8 beers on tap from a session ale, a poblano amber, a wheat whine that has a black pepper (chili head) with that wheat wine flavor. The Hammer & Sickle-Russian Imperial Stout is very flavorful, rich with a chocolate aroma.
The Pail Rider is milk pale ale that is quite good and smooth.
Sarah, Emily, and Nicole
Taster set of Renegade's lineup
Dark Passenger is the Belgian Dark Strong Ale is sweet, slightly sour and rich in flavor.
Renegade's head brewer is Ali Benetka who up until 2 months ago was the assistant brewer. More women are needed as brewers in a male industry!

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