Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trve Brewing, Denver

We checked out another brewery for the Colorado Beer Tour, Trve. Trve is the metal of breweries, dark with dark gray walls, large canvas pictures of wood cabins done in what looks like charcoal hung on the wall, art of Hoax, Hokem, and Spooks by Tod Kapke, all the while heavy metal music playing on the p.a. system. My kind of place!

They had only 6 beers on tap and most were low alcohol. Most were good but the Prehistoric Dog was very different. It's a salted wheat beer with Hawaiian black lava salt and coriander. If you like salted caramel or chocolate, this beer might be for you.
Larry like the IPA so much, he bought a pint!

Hoax Hokem & Spook Art
by Tod Kapke

Nick Nunns, owner/head brewer

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