Friday, September 13, 2013

Odd 13 Brewing on a rainy Thursday

While the rain was at a lull on Thursday, we decided to head to one of our local breweries, Odd 13. Parking on the street we notice other beer enthusiast walking towards the brewery.
We sat at the bar and was waiting on by the owner and brewer, Ryan Scott.
Ryan Scott owner/brewer 

My first beer was a 10oz. pour of the Buzzin Cuzzin, a coffee oatmeal stout that was really good without that heavy coffee flavor. I love coffee but I don't want it over taking the taste of the stout. And then I did something quite crazy for me, I order an IPA. Yes, I did! If you read most of my blogs, there are few IPA's that I will drink but this one didn't have that bitter aftertaste that most you hopheads love. It was the Hanuman single-hop IPA with Ahtanum hops at 6.29% alcohol.
Hanuman single hop IPA

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