Friday, April 18, 2014

Choice City Butcher and Deli, beer and lunch in Ft. Collins

Epic Blackberry Saison and a Rueben Buffalo
Burger, so decadent!
Beer and lunch at Choice City Butcher and Deli. Russ Robinson owner and beer geek has over 35 beers on tap from local breweries like New Belgium to overseas ones from Belgium breweries. Choice City is also a deli and butcher shop that has some special  beer brats and crazy sausages. We bought sausages that are made with exotic meats; rattlesnake, rabbit with habanero peppers, and chardonnay wine, wild! 
 Epic epication, a blackberry saison and Het Anker, 2012 Gouden Carolus Blue, a quad 11% ABV. The sandwich is a buffalo Reuben burger, heart attack lunch!

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