Friday, March 20, 2015

Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference 2015

Beer Bloggers Conference

The Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference 2015 is in Asheville North Carolina and Brussels Belgium.  I will be attending this year after a marvelous time I had in San Diego for the 2014 conference. I convince my husband to start a blog, so now he's going too.

The conference is for beer bloggers (writers) and beerf industry people.  It's a fun and educational way of meeting other writers in a beer scene.  Last year in San Diego, I have to admit was incredible.  I drank beer that are exclusive to California so I was a newbie wide-eyed in a wonder.  Another reason for going was to meet other beer bloggers and to attend the seminars.  I learned a lot about stepping up my blogging game.

This year the America BBWC is in Asheville which is a city that has come up as a beer town. With Sierra Nevada, Oskar Blues, and New Belguim, North Carolina is a beer travel destination.  Not that it wasn't before these giants built breweries there, it just gives it legitimacy or not.  I haven't drank any beer from NC and I'm excited to that the conference is there.

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