Saturday, December 18, 2010

New small batch beers at Golden City Brewery

Declaring themselves as the second largest brewery in Golden, Colorado, Golden City Brewery is a nano brewery at best.  We stopped by to take some photos for Larry's android beer app, Colorado Beer Tour, and happened upon some small batch seasonal beers.

Christmas Ale at 7.0% alcohol was a smooth concoction that tasted and looked like a dunkelweisse.  The color was a murky rich dark brown almost a porter in color.  The aroma smelled to my husband as a dunkelweisse but to me it had a malty roasted aroma with a light spice fragrant and taste.  It was very smooth to the palate and a smooth aftertaste.

Wood-fired pumpkin ale at 5.4% alcohol.  A light orange color with a clove or nutmeg spice aroma.  It had a light spiced flavor with a smooth finish.  Woody's Pizza in Golden, baked the pumpkins in a wood fired oven then was added to the mash.

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  1. Great post! I really need to try this brewery.