Friday, February 18, 2011

9th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest tonight

Tonight at 5pm the Avery Brewery kicks off  the 9th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest. The fest will be held at the brewery in their taproom and the barrel aging rooms.
There will be 90 microbrewery beers on tap from around the country.  The taproom's will have Allagash, Asher, and Avery breweries strong ales on their draft system as to alleviate congestion.  They sold out 350 tickets for each day but there will be more people due to the great interest from brewers around the country who want to attend the event.  Avery staff members receive a ticket and a guest pass. 

Doors open at 5 and close at 10pm.  Please follow festival etiquette, 1) order beer by number, 2) move away from the bar after you receive your sample.  These rules help to keep the crowd flowing and alleviate congestion.

Pace yourself, these beers are potent! You have plenty of time and please have a DD to ensure a safe passage home.

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