Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stout Month

Stout Month started yesterday at the Mountain Sun Restaurants and Pub.  We were at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery in Boulder for lunch and they had 7 of their own brews with 5 guest stouts.
For $10 you can get a 6 4-oz taster set.  It is quite a deal and this way you can share the tasters than order what you liked. 
We ordered 3 each that we thought we would like.  I ordered the nitro coconut cream stout, stoked oak, and nitro young's double chocolate stout.
Nitro coconut cream is their first co-champion winner of the homebrew competition.  This stout has a delicate coconut flavor and has 5.25% alcohol.
Stoked oak is the first champion winner with this barrel-aged stout with oak chips.  It has a vanilla back flavor that finishes with a bite. It has 7.2% alcohol.
Nitro Young's double chocolate stout is a favorite of mine with the chocolate flavor in a rich dark beer. It has 5.2% alcohol.

That's what I like about stouts, their alcohol content is relatively in the middle so you can drink more beer but not sacrifice flavor.

Larry choices weren't my favorite, they were more intense with a bite to them. He choose the nihilist, mad river steelhead, and moylan's dragoon.
Nihilist is a Russian Imperial stout that has 9.5% alcohol.  It is a strong dry stout with complex flavors.
Mad River steelhead has 6% alcohol is recommended as a stout to complement desserts.  I found it flat and not very complex.
Moylan's dragoon has 5% alcohol and was my least favorite of the taster set.  It was like drinking water to me and had no complexity.
Taster set.

February Stout Month at the Sun's is going to be an adventure because every time we go there they will have a different stout for us to taste!

Top view of taster set.

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