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2013 GABF Week- Colorado Beer Tour Part 4, Denver

The last installment of GABF week is at ground zero, Denver.  There are so many places to go for good beer but as I have said before I will give you the short list of the ones that I would visit during GABF week. All these venues are in walking distance to each other so lets go on our last stop on the Colorado Beer Tour.

The father of all what's GABF is the Falling Rock Tap House.  Chris Black part-owner and beer enthusiast works for weeks to set up for GABF week. Since I'm writing late in the week, the Falling Rock schedule starts on Wednesday.

Wed. Oct 9@ 3pm- St. Arnold (Houston) tapping
                   @$pm- Speakeasy (San Francisco) tapping
                   @9pm- Sun King (Indianapolis) tapping
                                Jungle Room- IPA
                                Pappy Van Muckle- Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
                                Stupid Sexy Flanders- Belgian-style Flanders Oud Bruin
                                Cherry Fog- Wee Heavy Scotch Ale aged with cherries
                   @10pm- Cigar City (Tampa) tapping
                                 Jai Alai IPA 4 ways
                   @11pm- Schmaltz (NY) tapping
                                 Death of a Contract Brewer, Black IPA
Thurs. Oct 10@1pm- Rogue(Ashland OR) tapping
                      @2pm- Boulder Beer (Boulder) tapping
                      @3pm- Lagunitas (Petaluma CA)tapping
                      @4pm- Meet and Drink with 4 authors of books about beer
                                   Stephan Beaumont with Tim Webb- The Pocket Beer Guide
                                   Joshua M. Bernstein- The Complete Beer Course
                                   Jay R. Brooks- California Breweries North
                                   John Holl- The American Craft Beer Cookbook
                     @10pm- Oskar Blues (Longmont CO) tapping
                                    One Nut Brown Ale
                                    Double Impact Belgian Strong Ale
                                    A Fresh Hop
                       @10:30pm- Green Flash (San Diego)tapping
                                    In the Parking Lot of Falling Rock
                       @11:00pm- Alaskan Brewing (Juneau AK)tapping
                                    Vertical of Smoked Porter
Fri. Oct 11@12pm- Sierra Nevada (Chico CA) Kill the Keg
                         How fast can they kill the keg of Harvest Ale? Last year, a 15.5 gal keg being poured
                         from 1 tap took 9 minutes with 36 seconds.
                  @1pm- Boulevard (Kansas City MO)tapping
                          Saison Brett
                          Terra Incognita- American wild ale
                          Reboot White IPA
                  @2pm- Anderson Valley(Boonville CA) tapping
                  @3pm- NoLi (Spokan WA) tapping
                  @4pm- Odell (Ft. Collins CO) tapping
                  @9:30pm- Chicago Brewing (Chicago IL) tapping in parking lot
                  @10pm- Stone (Escondido, CA) tapping
                  @10:30pm- Dogfish Head (Milton DE) tapping
                            Soup Kitchen Smokebreak- World Wide Stout poured through a Randall containing
                            local roasted coffee beans & cigar tobacco.
                            61- American IPA
                            Palo Santo Marron- American Brown Ale
                            Samples of beer infused Chowder & Pickles from Dogfish Head
                            Chris Black & the brewery are digging through their cellars for more beer
                  @11pm- Left Hand Brewing (Longmont CO) tapping
                           Fade to Black, 1-4- Foreign Export Stout
Sat. Oct 12@4pm- Avery Brewing (Boulder CO) tapping
                  @9pm- Ommegang (Cooperstown NY) tapping
                         Game of Thrones series- Take the Black Stout
                                                                 Iron Throne Blond Ale
                  @10pm- Firestone Walker (Paso Robles CA) tapping
                         PNC-buckwheat stout aged in tequila barrels
                         Parabola- Russian Imperial Stout
                         Agrestic- Double DBA inoculated with Brettanomyces
                   @11pm- New Belgium (Ft. Collins CO) tapping
                          For the finale of GABF, Chris is breaking out some barrel program beers
                          and raiding his cellar for some vintage treats!

Just down the street for the Falling Rock is another great tap house that serves upscale tap food also, Freshcraft.  Freshcraft has over 25 taps and serves a full menu of small, medium, and large plates. They are having a GABF week of special tappings.

Wed. Oct 9@7pm- Upslope Brewing (Boulder Co) tapping
                       Special keg of a collaboration between the brewery and Freshcraft,
                       Oatmeal Brown Ale that was aged in Appleton Estate Rum barrels for 6 months
                       then they were split up and half was infused with 3 unique coffee blends form
                       Dragonfly Coffee Co. So all 3 versions plus the original are being tapped.
                       Pumpkin Ale
                       Imperial IPA
                       Craft Lager
Thurs. Oct 10@12pm- New Belgium (Ft Collins CO) tapping
                           Le Terrior- American Wild Ale
                           La Folie- Flanders Oud Bruin, sour
                          Paadebloem- Belgian-style ale with dandelion greens
                      @12pm- Cigar City (Tampa FL) tapping
                           Humidor Series IPA
                           Cafe Americana- Stout
                           Stiftung Berliner Weisse- Wheat Ale
                      @3pm- Boulevard Brewing (Kansas City MO) tapping
                           Coffee Ale
                           Saison Brett
                           Mid Coast IPA
                           Pop Up IPA
                       @10:30- Second annual Ska Brewing (Durango Co) and Peach St. Distillers (Denver)
                            Creating unique beer and barrel-aged cocktails.
                            DeSkave de Fuego- 2013 collaboration extra pale ale infused with tropical fruit
                                                            and habanero then aged in a Peach St. D'Agave gold barrel.
                            Cru D'etat- Belgian-style ale aged in oak folders for nearly 2 years.
                            Hoperation Ivy- Fresh hop IPA
                            Modius Hoperandi- American IPA
                            Don't Call Me White IPA
                           DaSKAve Bam Bam Barrel-aged cocktail
Fri. Oct 11@12pm- Stone Brewing (Escondido CA) tapping
                           Stone Supremely Self-Conscious- American Black Ale
                           Burton Snatch IPA
                           Bourbon barrel-aged Stone Suitable for Cave Aging- American Porter
                           Enjoy By IPA
                 @7pm- Lagunitas Brewing (Petaluma CA) tapping
                           High West Rye Barrel-aged Cappuccino Stout
                           Daytime IPA
                           Firkin of Lucky 13- Red Ale
                  @10pm- Firestone Walker (Paso Robles CA) tapping
                           Firestone Walker/Mikkeller collaboration- Lil Mikkel Farmhouse Saison/wild Ale
                           Helldorado- Blond Barley-wine
                           Parabajava- Parabola Imperial stout infused with California coffee
                  @10pm- Odell Brewing (Ft Collins CO) tapping
                           Udderly Cherry- Barrel-aged Cherry Chocolate Cream Stout
                           Extra Special Red Ale
                           2012 Deconstruction- American style wild Golden Ale
Sat. Oct 12@4pm- Sun King (Indianapolis IN) tapping
                          Pappy Van Muckle- Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
                          Pink Taco- Raspberry sour
                          666: Sympathy for the Devil- American Black Ale
                   @7pm- Elevation Beer Co (Poncha Springs CO) tapping
                          Cabernet Barrel-aged Apis IV Quad- Belgian Dark Strong Ale
                          First Cast IPA
                   @10pm- Avery Brewing (Boulder CO) tapping
                          Robe One Out Party- wear your robe or by an Avery robe(limited availability)
                          Bad Apple- Sour/wild Ale
                          Tweak- Mephistopheles, an American Double/Imperial Stout brewed with coffee
                          4Point2 IPA
                          Double Dry Hopped duganA- American Double/Imperial IPA

WOW! These two tap houses have quite a lineup for GABF week. Let me tell you about some of the local breweries in the neighborhood and further.  Great Divide is a couple of blocks south of the Falling Rock.
Great Divide Brewing Taproom
Thurs. Oct 10- Barrel-aged Grand Cru- Belgian-style Ale
 Fri. Oct 11-Barrel-aged Cuvee- An unblended dark Belgian Ale aged in a Syrah barrel.
Sat. Oct 12- American Sour

Going North from the Falling Rock is another brewery that celebrated their 1st Anniversary in January of 2013. They are gearing up for GABF week with many of their specialty beers on tap.
River North Taproom
Wed. Oct 9@1pm- Double Barrel Quad- Belgian-style Strong Ale
                               B-Side Quandary- Barrel-aged version of their Belgian Quad
                               Rum Barrel Quandary- Barrel-aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels
Sat. Oct 12@1pm- Empty the Cellar Party
                              Anything barrel-aged or limited will be on tap with these and more!
                              Anniversary Ale #1- American Double/ Imperial Stout
                              Barrel Reserve 2013- Belgian Dark Ale
                              Whiskey-aged Hello- Black IPA in flavor
                              Darkness- Black IPA in flavor
                              Rum Barrel Quandary
                              B-side Quandary
I hope you find this useful and as always drink wisely. Have fun at the GABF!

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