Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GABF Week- Colorado Beer Tour, Part 3- Boulder

The GABF week can't be totally celebrated until you visited Boulder, Colorado. There so many tap houses, brewpubs, and breweries that could take you a good week to see them all, so I'm going  to narrow the field for you in this 3 part of the series. Next destination on our Colorado Beer Tour is Boulder.

First stop is Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse. It is just 2 years old but John Fayman, owner and beer enthusiast always has great beer on tap. So head on to Backcountry Pizza and be bedazzled by all those taps of many IPA's, sour ales, some stouts, and there is a full bar if you want something else then beer, only kidding!  The food is great especially the daily specials.

The special tappings are as follows;
Wed. Oct 9 @6pm- Melvin Brewing tap takeover
          Melvin IPA
          2 x 4 Quad Pale Ale
          Asterisk DIPA
          Johnny Ryeale Rye IPA

@8pm- Danny Williams Suitable for Cave Aging tapping Party
          Two versions of Imperial Porter
           Bourbon and wine barrel-aged
Thurs. Oct 10@6pm- Crooked Stave Artisan Brands Night
            Crooked Stave is distributing for these breweries.
            Perennial- St. Louis
            Evil Twin- Portland, OR
            Local Option- Chicago
            Prairie- Krebs, OK
            Stillwater- Maryland

Fri. Oct 11@6pm- Upslope Pint Night
            Free pint glass with purchase
                Pumpkin Dunkelweisse
                Belgian Pale
                Craft Lager
Sat. Oct 11@ 6pm- Jester King Brewing, Austin
              Bottles and maybe a few on draft

Backcountry Pizza and Tap House
2319 Arapahoe Ave  Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 449-4285

Backcountry Pizza Taps

Upslope Brewing has two locations Lee Hill and Flatiron Park.  They will be tapping special beers starting Wednesday Oct 9.  Upslope is one of my favorite breweries in Boulder. They're coming up to their 5th Anniversary and have grown up in size plus in brewing.
Lee Hill Brewery and Taproom

Lee Hill Taproom

Wednesday- Flatiron Park- A 15% ABV Upslope Barley
                             - wine aged in whisky barrels for 3.5 year.
                    Lee Hill- "Illegal Peach" session ale,
                                   a collaboration with Illegal Pete's.
                                   It's 5.4% ABV and  
                                   was brewed with 200 LBS
                                   of peaches.

Thursday- Flatiron Park- Upslope Oatmeal stout,
                                       this is there GABF Pro-Am Competition brewed with    
                                        homebrewer Derek Ordway.
                 Lee Hill- Upslope Cabernet IPA and Freshcraft collaboration brew, rum barrel-aged
                                Oatmeal Brown Ale.
Friday-     Flatiron Park- nothing new
                 Lee Hill- GABF 2013 tap takeover with this year's GABF entrees.

Saturday- Flatiron Park- Brunch grilled on the BBQ to close out the last day of GABF.
                Lee Hill- All day past Upslope Winners of GABF.

Flatiron Park Brewery and Taproom

Upslope Brewing
1501 Lee Hill Dr
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 449-2911

Upslope Brewing
1898 S. Flatiron Court
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 396-1898

Flatiron Park taproom

GABF week wouldn't be complete with stopping at Avery Brewing which is only a few blocks away from the Upslope's Flatiron location.
Avery Brewing is one of the newer older breweries in  Boulder.  They're newer than Boulder beer but older than Upslope, so it's kind of relative to who's compared to who. They are the father of big beers and have
From Wednesday Oct 9 - 12 the Avery Brewing taproom will be serving breakfast with their GABF hours of 9am - 11pm.
Avery Brewery and Taproom

They will be having rare and exclusive beer tappings starting at 10am then every 2 hours until 4pm. Here's some of the beers they're going to be tapping,
Tweak (coffee mephistopheles),
Bad Apple (American wild ale),
Vanilla Out of Mind (vanilla stout),
Dihos Dactylion (American wild ale),
El Padre (Belgian Quad aged in Tequila barrels),
MurveR (Belgian Quad),
vintage Demons, and vintage Eremitas (sour ale).
Check on Facebook and their GABF calendar for the tapping schedule.

Avery Brewing
5763 Arapahoe Ave. Unit E
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 440-4324

Avery Brewing Taproom on a busy night.

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