Monday, October 13, 2014

Fast Interview at the GABF with Bridgett Beckwith, Marketing Director for Short's Brewing

Saturday was an early day at Day 3 of GABF.  I interviewed Bridgett Beckwith, Director of Marketing for Short's Brewing, MI.  She was pouring beer and taking photographs at the Short's booth. The booth was packed with GABF goers and the Short's staff were really hopping with pouring beers. Bridgett took some time off of her GABF duties to give me a short interview.

Me: You're the Marketing Director?
Bridgett: Correct.

Me: Were you ever into craft beer before working for Short's?
Bridgett: Me personally? Well actually Short's is the brewery responsible for getting me into beer to begin with. A friend of ours worked for the brewing company from the beginning so we've  been going to the pub from the start and Soft Parade, was the first beer I had and loved, that eased me into the craft brewing industry.  From there I was able to develop my palate and there's literally not a single Short's beer I don't love.

Me:I haven't had many Short's beer.
Bridgett: Well we're Michigan only and Michigan forever.

Me:What is your female point of view on GABF?
Bridgett: (She repeats out loud, "the female point of view of GABF?") I think that, gosh that's a good question. I have to say, first of all, that my overall impression just as a human at GABF is that I've been really impressed. This is my first time here.  I'm really impressed with how passionate  everyone is.  It's such a great community and everyone is here supporting the same thing.  Where they congratulate each other on making good beer. And, I think the best thing I can say in perspective as a female is that it feels no different than anything else. I feel embraced by the community and it's been a great experience.

Bridgett asked me about Barley's Angels and she told me about an organization for women in Michigan who are in the craft brewing industry.

Bridgett: Short's Brewing Co has been involved with a new group in Michigan called Fermenta. It's an organization that encourages women in the brewing industry which includes all fermented beverages.  It's a new group as of this year.  We started having meetings and seminars, it's a great way for Michigan women to get involved and learn more about their industry.

Visit the Fermenta:Michigan Women's Craft Collective Facebook page to get more information about this organization. 

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