Thursday, October 16, 2014

GABF 2014:Saturday, the final day.

I attended the Awards Ceremony. If I had known ahead I could have had breakfast there plus treated to a real commerative glass and a breakfast beers. Minus the breakfast, I did get a breakfast stout in a real glass and drank it while listen to Governor Hickenlooper address the auditorium that was full of brewery industry folks. 

I sat close to the nosebleed seats and with my trusty iPad on my lap, I typed the names of the Colorado Breweries that received awards for their brews. I realized how important this event was after seeing the excitement and yells of brewers and staff after hearing their beer names called along with the brewery names.  I was amazed on how many categories there was this year, 90 styles of beer, which made for a longer morning then I had expected. 

After the ceremony I was off to the main hall and the beer fest. It was all ready crowded and this is the member’s only session. I did stop off at the Short's Brewing booth to get the Gold award winning Key Lime Ale. It was very key lime in flavor with an added taste to my palate, of graham cracker crust. 

I didn't taste much this time around because it was time to go home. Congratulations to all the award winners and better luck next year to the rest! See you next year at GABF 2015!

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