Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beer and Girl Scout Cookies at J Wells Brewing

J Wells Brewing and Girl Scout Cookies seemed to be nice pairing. Jamie Wells, founder/brewer of J Wells paired the beers that was chosen for each cookie. This was a Barley's Angels Colorado event hosted at the brewery and Deborah Cameron, of the chapter had to drive to the Girl Scouts of Colorado in Denver because the cookies haven't been released for sale yet but she managed to acquire the top three favorite cookies.
Deborah Cameron and Jamie Wells.

The Samoas cookie was paired with the Lisa, a red IPA that is brewed with Citra hops. He choose this beer because of the slight bitterness and citrus flavor that would complement the sweetness of the cookie.

A chocolate milk stout was paired with Tagalongs, the peanut butter cookie. The chocolate flavor of the stout complemented the peanut butter cookie to make a Reese's peanut butter candy which was Jamie's intention. It was a good pairing.

My least favorite cookie and beer pairing was the Thin Mints with Lig'Ts Out Stout, a Russian Imperial Stout. I found that the flavors worked against each other, it tasted light bad cough syrup. Not a good pairing for me.

Cari Schnepp.

Jamie gave a tour of his small brew house then mingled among the tables talking about beer and his brewing process. Deborah talked to the group of women about the up and coming events in 2015 and fielded questions about Barley's Angels. Cari Schnepp, gave a small introduction about the Girl Scouts as she is a troupe leader. 15% of the event's proceeds went to the Girl Scouts of Colorado.
I realized at this event that I'm not really into Girl Scout cookies and I wouldn't eat them with beer but I was in the minority.  I would say that most of the ladies really enjoyed the cookie and beer pairings or maybe it was the camaraderie among the women or both?

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