Friday, January 9, 2015

Powder Keg Brewing in Niwot, CO

New breweries are popping up so fast that this blogger has a difficult time keeping up but we (my husband and I) stopped by a fairly new brewery, Powder Keg Brewing in Niwot, CO.

It was a few days after Christmas so the places was fairly empty and the wait staff were the two of the founders of Powder Keg,  Mark Krebs and Charlie Schira.  The brewer is Phil Joyce but he wasn't there that day. Two of the founders were home brewers that decided to take it the next step, owning a brewery.
Mark Krebs and Charlie Schira, co-founders
of Powder Keg Brewing.

They had five of their beers on tap plus 17 guest taps so we ordered a taster set;
6.2% ABV Steam Steed IPA.
4.2% ABV Seize One Saison,
Totes McOats Stout is 5.8% ABV,
Noble Barbarian Baltic Porter is 9.8% ABV ,
and a 4.4% ABV Blueberry Claussenni and Blueberry Drie Sour Ale.

All were solid beers but I liked the Totes McOats Stout and the Noble Barbarian the best. I think with the winter weather, I'm more apt to drink the darker beers. Larry enjoyed the Steam Steed IPA but was disappointed the the double IPA was sold out. He heard from a friend that it was excellent.  To be a taproom/brewery they have food available, empanadas and snacks. I really like that idea of having food on the premises instead of a food truck.  We tend to visit breweries early in the afternoon and food trucks usually are a early evening food source.

I think that this brewery will do well in the future and I recommend this to anyone interested in a new brewery.

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