Monday, January 5, 2015

Brewing Beer at J Wells Brewery in Boulder, Part 1

I'm part of the Barley's Angels woman's group and last fall we had an opportunity to brew a holiday beer with J Wells Brewing in Boulder.

The brewing was broken down into three sessions; planning, brewing, and the release party. The cost of the brewing included all three session with a free beer and food pairing at the release party.

On October 27, 22 women came down to J Wells Brewing for the first session, planning the beer to be brewed.  Jamie Wells, owner/brewer was very agreeable to the bombardment of suggestions for the holiday beer. There was a consensus that the beer should be rich and dark while the minority wanted an IPA sort of beer. With the louder portion of the group, it was approved that a porter or stout would be a good winter holiday beer. But it didn't stop there, the women were very adventurous to want to add some other ingredients to the imperial porter. The imperial porter was the majority ruling for the beer.  Jamie just stood there helping us decided what adjuncts would be appropriate and we all agreed to cherries. Now Jamie did wonder where he would get cherries so late in the fall but he agreed to them. One of the ladies told us that she's allergic to cherries so Jamie said he would divide the beer in half and make part with cherries and the other without them.

Jamie Wells giving us his expert advise on the beer.

The next phase was to decided what malts, yeast, and hops for the porter. So Jamie talked to the group about what each would add to the flavor of the beer. With a projector he showed us what he decided from talking to us. I never really thought about how each ingredient can add to the final flavor of the beer especially malts and yeast.

At the end of the night, we were in somewhat of an agreement that our beer would be called Cherrysh!t Imperial Porter.

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