Friday, January 9, 2015

Front Range Brewing Beer Dinner featuring Chef Connie Ruel

Beer pairing dinners can fall between fabulous to mediocre with a few exceptions, Front Range Brewing exceeded expectations for this blogger.  It was very close to fabulous except that one of the courses wasn’t my favorite but everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

Chris Dutton, co-founder and brewer of Front Range was on hand to explain the beers and Chef Connie Ruel was also there to talk about the food she prepared for the dinner.
Chris Dutton

Connie Ruel


t was a quite elegant table seating with plates, utensils, water glasses, and name cards. It was different to be seated next to strangers but on the other hand it helps make new friends.

The first course was an Acorn squash ring that was stuffed with apple-fennel sausage on a roasted raspberry chipotle reduction which was paired with a Holiday Cranberry-Apple Saison. The Saison paired well with the acorn squash, the spices complemented each other.
First course.

Second course was one that I was on the fence about since the entree and beer wasn’t a favorite of mine. Red and Golden Beets and Kale with Clementine-coriander vinaigrette, goat cheese, dates, and roasted pepitas that was paired with a Summer Kolsch.

Salad course.

The third course was a Braised Pork Hock and Red Potato Stack, pecan-chocolate picada sauce. The beer was a rich Doppel Bock that complemented the richness of the pork hock.

Third course.

The last course was dessert and it was a wonderful concoction.  White Chocolate Decadent Pyramid, dried apricot-currant compote, anise creme anglaise, and a macadamia nut brittle that was paired with a White Chocolate Cream Ale.  This course with dessert and beer was well balanced, the sweetness was contrasted with the cream ale.


My overall impression of this dinner? I thought it was well executed from start to finish even though one course wasn’t to my taste.  The beers were very good and the food was prepared well, both with much thought.

Connie Ruel is the author of "Passions of a Restaurateur" which is now available on Amazon!

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