Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 taster set at the Fort Collins Brewery

The Fort Collins Brewing Co moved into a brand new facility not too long ago, so it wasn't far from the Odell's, just a few hundred yards.

I had the 4 taster set;

Common Ground-light amber color, heavy coffee flavor, and is 5.3% alcohol. Too much coffee for me.

Barrel-aged Double Chocolate Stout, barreled aged in Stranahan barrels, it had a heavy whiskey aroma and flavor, no hint of the double chocolate to me. It is 8.1% alcohol.
Double Chocolate Stout- nice dark color, strong roasted malt flavor. I didn't taste much chocolate though and it is also 8.1%.
The last taster was the Wheat Wine. Light orange color, rich sweet flavor with none of the traditional wheat flavor but I did like this.  It is 9.3% so easy does it on this beer.

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