Friday, December 3, 2010

Dry Dock Brewing Co., Aurora Colorado

Dry Dock Brewing Co., in Aurora, Colorado

Inside Dry Dock Brewing taproom
Dry Dock Brewing Co., in Aurora Colorado has 5 small batch beers on tap today.  I'm having Walt's (assistant brewer) Frambozen, a brown ale with 130lbs. of raspberries.  It has a slight sour raspberry aroma but it doesn't have that over powering raspberry taste, very subtle.  They also have a Malted Milk Stout which was made with 150lbs of malted milk, is also on tap. It has a vanilla aroma which reminds you of chocolate covered malted "Whoppers", the aroma is familiar but this stout isn't sweet to the palate, finish.

All their flagship beers are all on tap from Breakwater Pale at 5.0% alcohol to their Seven Seas Double IPA at 8.5% alcohol.
Tonight they are having their Firkin Friday with a Holiday Spiced Ale. Firkins are cask ales that refers to the 10.8 gallon keg with isn't carbonated and is served at a warm cellar temperature.

Dry Dock will be bottling in 22oz. the Seven Seas, Hefeweizen, and the vanilla Porter soon, look forward to seeing them in my local liquor store.

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