Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tasters at Oskar Blues

Rt. Velvet Elvis, middle Columbian
Supreme, and Lt. Seeyoulator
DoppelbockAdd caption
Oskar Blues Liquid and Solids has some great beer on tap.  You can get a taster set at the restaurant, I have three, Oskar's Velvet Elvis, Oskar's Columbian Supreme, and Boulevard's Seeyoulator doppelbock.
 Velvet Elvis Stout is 6.9% alcohol has a nice sweet aroma with hints of chocolate.  The taste is strong with coffee, dry stout but not over the top.  A very pleasant stout.
Columbian Supreme at 6% alcohol is just that heavy coffee aroma and coffee taste but I is well balanced.
Seeyoulator doppelbock at 8.5% alcohol, is amber in color, strong liquor taste, wouldn't be able drink a pint of this stuff very strong flavor.

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