Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Left Hand Brewery in Longmont

I usually go to Left Hand at least twice a month on Saturdays to drink beer and visit friends. Last Saturday was our afternoon at Left Hand and it was quite pleasant, not as crowded as usual. The beers were fine with Twin Sisters a double IPA and milk stout on nitro on tap. My husband liked the Twin Sisters and I throughly enjoyed my milk stout. Milk Stout is make with milk sugar instead of cane sugar and it is a creamy sweet stout with chocolate overtones.
There was a two person band playing that night, playing bluegrass and country with only a guitarist and mand0linist. Don't know the name of the duo but they were good and I usually don't care for that style of music.
Only problem was you couldn't converse with the music right there next to you. Left Hand also had a fundraiser going on in the overflow room where bands usually would perform. So they had to make room in the main seating area.

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