Monday, November 22, 2010

Twisted Pine Northstar Vertical tasting

Empty glasses to be filled with Northstar Porter.

Chocolate covered bacon and banana.
Last Thursday, Nov 18, Twisted Pine Brewery had their 2nd Northstar Imperial Porter vertical tasting and food pairing.  The event was low keyed and casual.  It took place in the back of the taproom in the brewing area. Three long tables and one round bar table were situated in a horse shoe where in the end of the open area is where Bob, the owner, gave a casual history lesson of Twisted Pine.
The opening beer was their first imperial porter of 2003. It was effervescent, smooth, and sweet. This one was the most different. With the first pour can the appetizer, dark chocolate covered bacon and a chocolate covered banana.  Both went well with this 2003 Northstar.
The next beer also paired well, the 2004, slightly less sweet, dry, and much less carbonated.
The 2006 was paired with a braised beef over potatoes. The 2006 had a sharpness to it with a cherry and chocolate notes.  It had a robust nose.
The 2007 was dry with a slight bitterness at the end.
The 2008 was more bitter and dry.
The next 2009 was paired with the dessert which was a New York style cheesecake with imperial porter chocolate sauce.  The 2009 was malty, nutty, slight bitterness.
The 2010 was dry, cherry chocolate note with the bitterness.
Overall the event was great, a good time for everyone there.

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