Thursday, November 11, 2010

Upslope Brewing Co

Upslope just celebrated their 2nd anniversary last weekend. It was a blast for all. Westend Tavern in Boulder catered the event with an modern twist bbq.
At 2pm the doors opened, the guys at Upslope were still decorating and organizing when we arrived but that was okay. We got a beer each and sat out in the back of the brewery and watch as the festivities unfolded.
There was a keg of whiskey aged pale on draft, pumpkin beer, a strong dark lager, bourbon barreled aged Belgian, and their quad. The beer was fantastic and the day was sunny so all was good. I enjoyed the pumpkin and whiskey barreled aged pale. My husband liked the strong dark lager.
By 4:30pm we were spent but the anniversary party went on without us until 9pm when the stragglers were kicked out.
Upslope is my favorite brewery on the Front Range, I enjoy many of their brews. They make a American brown ale that is yummy with that caramel roasted chocolate taste that is unusual for a brown. Their stout is dark and chocolate tasting.

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