Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rueben's Burger Bistro in Boulder

Gouden Carolus Triple.
Draft beers on tap.
Kwak in a foot glass.
Went to Reuben's Burger Bistro in Boulder just the other day and was quite surprised.  Their halfy hour or happy hour was affordable and the food was delicious.  I was impressed with their draft beer on tap, there were a good many that you don't find in most bars.  St. Bernardus, Duchess de Bourgogne, and Kwak, all these are excellent Belgian beers and all were half off.  A $5 pint of Kwak which goes for ten is amazing. I had a Gouden Carolus Triple in 12 ounce bottles was excellent, in fact, I had two bottles.  Rueben's also has an excellent local microbrewed beer on tap, Avery, and O'dell's and Left Hand, Avery, O'dell's, in bottles.
The happy hour menu is just the appetizers but half off.  The fresh-cut french fries were good, the cheeseburger sliders were also good but the most amazing was the mac n' cheese where you can pick two extras items such as bacon and chorizo sausage.  I would highly recommend Rueben's Burger Bistro for happy hour.  I'll be back for lunch and dinner to give a true review.

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  1. I agree, Rueben's is a great place and i love both the food and beer. However, it's spelled "Rueben's" not" Reuben's" :)